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Corporate Training Programs

Consulting Services

At itworks, we're committed to assist the tech workforce  by fostering diversity and inclusion. Our carefully curated employer services are designed to support businesses embracing this transformation while adding substantial value to their operations. We help companies source exceptional talent, create training programs, and provide diversity consulting and training programs for HR.

Training programs

We partner with companies to design high-demand tech courses and needed skills to fit market needs. Our custom programs provide exclusive benefits such as early access to interview our graduates and tailored training modules.

Diversity talent sourcing

Our team helps HR departments to source talents from underrepresented groups in the high-tech industry. These candidates bring valuable experience and unique perspectives that benefit various industries. This is a free service for itworks company partners.

Consulting Services

We offer consulting services to companies interested in developing strategic plans for diversity hiring. We designed Women To Hi-tech Joint national project with the government and IATI, aimed at fostering and promoting more female leadership roles in tech.

Events and Mentorship Opportunities

We invite companies to join us in hosting both virtual and in-person events for our program participants and alumni. Partners' employees also have the unique opportunity to become mentor volunteers within our organization's various projects. 

Women In Tech

This national initiative seeks to enhance women's representation in tech, prioritizing underrepresented groups such as Arab-Israelis, Haredi, Ethiopians, immigrants, and women from remote areas in Israel. Our comprehensive HR leadership seminar and follow-up consulting program imparts essential tech skills and promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion in start-ups, scale-ups, unicorns, and multinational corporations.